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We all know it, but few have it

Whats free of charge, guarantees a positive result, and is the heartbeat of all success? All top performers have it, be it sport, businesses, family, or social surrounding.


Have you ever wanted to get healthier inside and out, so you start training and eating better, but you find it takes much longer then expected? But when you have a personal trainer who you see each week, pushes you week in week out, results happen 10, 20, or 100% faster? I know I have.

Managers and business owners, have you ever asked an employee or consultant to complete a task, and it takes longer than expected? To then get involved in the next one to the point where you are attending meetings, following up, and keeping the pressure on! Then suddenly results happen faster? We’ve all seen it, we see it every day!

I’ve done a study at work, where I look at who is late to the office, and if they catch public transport or drive themselves. The results were overwhelmingly against those who drive to work. Not because they are worse at their jobs, but simply because those that catch public transport have a strict timeline and accountability to get to their train or bus, which often arrives to the minute, they’ve got no alternative and MUST be there on time!

Many people ask me, ‘what is the main service and benefit I provide my clients’? Without hesitation it is 100% ACCOUNTABILITY. I have not, and will not hesitate to drop a client if they are not being accountable and missing tasks. If I let this slide then I am not doing them, myself, or anyone any favors. I get paid to get results, and I know just as well as you that positive results are impossible without accountability.

Its often the things that are free that drive happiness. Accountability isn’t one of them! It takes commitment, time, sacrifice, money, and hard work. But ask anyone who is completely accountable for their successes, “IS IT WORTH IT”? and I think we both know the answer.

Wishing you all accountability

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