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ALWAYS Increase Your Activity - NEVER Reduce the Target

Too often when businesses are not hitting their targets, owners look for outside reasons as to why the results are not where they want them. The second mistake I see is that they reduce the target and settle for less. The problem with this is that you are basically saying we will accept poorer results, and subconsciously less effort will follow. So what do you do when results aren’t what you planned or expect? Simple, look deeply into the level of activity you and your team are taking.

Say in the example of having a few months of poor sales. Firstly, you need to know the activities in which create more sales for your business. How many cold calls, email campaigns, quote presentations, paper adds, strategic alliances etc should be done each week. Know this to the exact number. Once you know these numbers, the next step is to track how you and your team are performing on planned activity against actual activity. This doesn’t need to be done on a fancy program. Use a spreadsheet or a white board. I can promise you, every time sales drop, the activity has also dropped. Its natural, if you simply increase your activity, you’ll increase your results.

The point of this is that we all get caught up in being busy with other aspects of business like simply delivering on our product or service. However, if you do not have a way of tracking your activity on the important tasks that create revenue, you will continue to have highs and lows with your sales.

Moral of the story, if you’re results are not reaching your expectations, DO NOT reduce the target or blame outside reasons, simply look at and measure your activity, increase your activity, and measure again!

Feel free to reach out if you are struggling to put together some form of tracking sheet. I have a few examples I would be happy to share.

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