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When Does the Education Stop??

You completed a trade, learnt a hard skill, become great at it, and decided to make a career and possibly even start a business.

When you first started out in your career, no doubt you had mentors, formal training, endless learning, experiences, and people guiding you every step of the way. But a common mistake we are most likely all guilty of, is that the learning slows right down and at times stops completely once we become a professional at our craft (trade, builder, lawyer, accountant, event manager etc).

If you are in business for yourself, you need to reflect on this topic and ask yourself who is training you now. What mentors do you have, who is teaching you the necessary skills to grow a sustainable business, to create systems to free up your time, to develop your recruiting process to find great people, and to run your business through financials and numbers. Going into business is like learning a new trade. You’ve got to become the student again.

For me, I try make it real clear for myself to ensure I am ticking all the right boxes in your self education. I strongly believe every business owner NEEDS to reflect on the following:

  • What mentor do you have showing you a proven path to keep growing
  • You should read or listen to a minimum 1 book per month (I use audible whilst travelling)
  • Always be involved in some form of business education. Through either coaching, events, group coaching, or formal education at Tafe or University
  • Each month, set a goal to meet for coffee, lunch, or dinner, someone who has already done what you are striving to do.

Although simple, I have found my business growth and the growth of my clients have been on fire when we are actively engaged in our own growth and education.

Hope this sparks a personal reflection that gets you thinking about your business like you did your apprenticeship or early career.

All the best.

Adam Barnard

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