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Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How can I be assured that I will get results from your coaching?

    From our knowledge, we are the only business coaching firm in Australia that offers a money back guarantee. Simply put, you will either achieve the results we lay out in our initial session, or you will get your money back in full. The other thing to note is that we have never had to give money back to a client. When we first meet, if we see room for your business to grow through our coaching program and strategies, then we know you will see the results. If for some reason we do not feel we would be a good fit together, then we will tell you this up front. “Results or Your Money Back”, that is what makes us a leader in the industry.

  • 2. How can you teach me more about my business then I already know?

    You are an absolute master at your trade. You wouldn’t be in business if you weren’t. That could be as a builder, accountant, plumber, events planner, and so on. But let me ask you this. How many years of training and learning did you invest in order to be an expert in your field? 4, 5, 10 years? The problem we see is that the natural progression for someone who is good at their profession is to then start a business. This is like a plumber saying “hey lets start an accounting firm”, it is a complete new set of skills and mindset that need to be learnt – business planning, learning to generate more leads, converting leads, creating systems, recruiting, running a team, creating a strong culture and so much more. These are all skills that our team are experts in. We will never be able to show you how to do your trade better, but we will be able to work with you to make your business what you always hoped it would be.

  • 3. What sorts of fees are involved?

    Our fees depend heavily on your business, the time we will need to invest, and how quickly you want to see your business grow. In short, we have programs ranging from $100 per month, through to $5000 per month.

  • 4. How does the coaching work?

    Depending on the program, we will have between 2-4 sessions each month. The first session is what we call an alignment, which is purely to work out what strategies and areas we need to focus on first. During each session we will review work, plan what ON the business tasks we need to complete, and run through any challenges you are currently dealing with. There is also an education component to each session as we want to ensure you as a business owner are growing just as fast as your business itself.


    A perfect opportunity to see what coaching is all about.


    Ensuring that your professional goals meet your personal needs is our commitment to you.


    Because even a great idea is nothing without the execution.

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