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17 Apr, 2019

When Does the Education Stop??

You completed a trade, learnt a hard skill, become great at it, and decided to make a career and possibly even start a business.When you first started out in your career, no doubt you had mentors, for ...

17 Apr, 2019

Always be Eager to Learn!

Your days of learning don’t need to stop when you walk out of school for the last time. Treat life as one big classroom.Blog # 3 By Phil LatzLet’s start with a story. Once upon a time, many years ...

17 Apr, 2019

Are You Shop Blind?

When you’ve worked inside your business for years, things become familiar. That can be a problem!Blog# 2 by Phil LatzAll of us see things differently. You might have heard of the expression, ‘She ...

19 Mar, 2019

Build Your Business Upon Good Foundations

By Phil Latz Building a strong, long lasting business has many parallels with building a house.If the foundations are not strong, then no amount of shiny paint or fancy lighting is going to make that ...

21 Jun, 2018

We all know it, but few have it

Whats free of charge, guarantees a positive result, and is the heartbeat of all success? All top performers have it, be it sport, businesses, family, or social surrounding.ACCOUNTABILITY -Have you eve ...

21 Jun, 2018

Choose Your Help Wisely

With an increasing amount of get rich quick, perfect formulas, and must have systems thrown in front of us on a daily basis, it’s no wonder we get our nose up when we receive calls pitching us i ...

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